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WARP_static (WAV, ACID, REX, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)

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WARP_static (WAV, ACID, REX, Kontakt, EXS24, HALion, Reason NN-XT, Apple Loops)
Price $69.99

Note: You are viewing the download version of this title. Most of our products are also available as a boxed physical product on DVD or CD-ROM, usually with identical content to the download version. However, the physical CD/DVD version can only be purchased from our CD/DVD distributors. To find the Zero-G distributor in your country and link to their website to check availability, CLICK HERE for more info on distributors.
WARP_static features over 1.7Gb of experimental electronica and IDM.

WARP_static is the brainchild of Berlin electro-wizard Uwe Zahn who operates under the artist name Arovane. His trademark angular, electronic palettes and timbres, complex, crunching and swarming soundscapes, glitchy, distorted and disjointed sounds are all featured in this fascinating sample library.

Our UK distributor Time+Space have interviewed Uwe about the making of this library - you can get a strong idea of the flavour of the sounds and the thinking behind them - the interview is HERE.

The library contains pads, explorations, melodic and percussive rhythms, musical phrases, glitch beats and much more. The rhythms clash, mutate and evolve. Blasts of digital percussion and menacing glitch beats unsettle. Luscious digital washes contrast with buzzing, pixelated beats. Zahn creates a unique mesh of sound which is as abstract and experimental as it is cerebral and astute.
Zahn‘s sound has often been compared as a fusion between the explorations of Autechre and elastic soundscapes of Boards of Canada. This library is ideal for any dance music or film-score producer who yearns for something both extreme and unique to enhance their productions.

REVIEW: "Berlin-based Arovane (aka Uwe Zahn) is one heck of an electronic artist and sound designer, and this library is a testament to his skill as a sample library producer, performer and programmer… His trademark electronic timbres and distinct sound are included in this library. IDM connoisseurs will be pleased to find glitchy drum loops in the ‘Rhythms 120′ and ‘RhythmicPercussive’ folders. All loops have that Autechre vibe and are well programmed. All other sounds are just icing on the cake of this sweet but fascinating library. We all want to have the right tools when we are composing in the studio, and if you need the right samples to elevate your glitch, IDM and experimental tracks to the next level, I would recommend getting Warp_static. Overall, a tremendous library with plenty of synth experiments and beautiful oddball beats." (SoundBytes magazine).

WARP_static is quite simply a work of outstanding electronic genius. 
WARP Static Demo 1 (mp3)
WARP Static Demo 2 (mp3)

* 308 ACID-ized WAV files
* 308 AIFF Apple Loops
* 131 EXS24 Instruments
* 131 HALion Instruments
* 131 Kontakt Instruments
* 131 Reason NN-XT Instruments
* 219 REX2 files (compatible with Styus RMX)

For more detailed info on the contents of WARP STATIC, click HERE for a full list of contents and descriptions (PDF)

WARP STATIC is now available as a boxed DVD from our distributors, and by download right here. 

Our UK distributor Time+Space have produced this demo video:

NOTE: This large library has been compressed to segmented .RAR format for the download. After purchase you will download 6 separate RAR files, each being 500MB in size, except part 6 which is 422 MB. After downloading all 6 files, make sure they are all in the same folder, then double click ONLY the first RAR file (...Part01.rar) and this will make ALL of the RAR files expand automatically (all in a single operation) to produce one folder containing the whole library with all samples / all formats. Note that you must have a full version of Kontakt to use the Kontakt files within this sample library.

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