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LUMINOSO Live Violin Phrases (Kontakt instruments)

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Zero-G and Xfonic present LUMINOSO Live Violin Phrases. Performed by Martin and Kate Richardson, two world-class violinists from the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in Liverpool's famous Parr Street studios, Luminoso: Live Phrases is a 15GB collection of thousands of live recorded 6-bar looped phrases compressed down to 7GB using Kontakt's lossless compression technology. 
   Despite recording only two players, the instrument cleverly layers up to 6 different bars in real-time for the effective sound of a 12-piece string section, or if you wish, you can dial it down to the sound of a solo violin.. 
   Luminoso bridges the gap between premium string libraries which have excellent control, but can sound artificial on certain passages (such as runs, arpeggios, fast rhythms), and 'pre-recorded melodic phrases' libraries, which can sound dazzling on first listen but have little useful control and can grow tired quickly. 
   REVIEW: "A wide variety of rhythms has been captured (everything syncs to host tempo) and the inclusion of fully keyboard-extended patches sweetens the deal. Beautiful. Rated: 9/10" - Computer Music magazine 
   Despite being made from pre-recorded phrases, Luminoso remains highly controllable. This has been achieved by recording the same patterns across a wide pitch and dynamic range with many scale variations, by choosing patterns that blend in particularly well to a wide variety of musical styles, and then by allowing you to automatically sync to the tempo of your projects with a wide variety of chord, rhythm and scale types all controlled with key-switches. Dynamic levels pp to ff can be smoothly cross-faded by mod wheel, the ensemble size can be zoomed from solo to 12 players, and two mic positions (close and room) can be chosen or blended. 

SPIRITOSO Live Cello Phrases (Kontakt instruments)

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Zero-G and Xfonic present  SPIRITOSO Live Cello Phrases  - 17Gb of 24bit live audio magic! Together with our extremely popular Animato and Luminoso titles,  Spiritoso  forms a trilogy of titles dedicated to introducing more realism to sampled instruments. Performed by Ian Bracken, a world-class cellist from the Liverpool Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and recorded in Liverpool's famous Parr Street studios,  Spiritoso: Live Cello Phrases  is a 17Gb collection of thousands of live recorded phrases, rhythms, chords and arpeggios all compressed down to 8Gb of material using Kontakt 4's new lossless compression technology. The fifty-seven Kontakt 4 instruments allow patterns to automatically sync to the tempo of your projects and a wide variety of chord, rhythm and scale types can be selected using key-switches. The dynamic level pp to ff can be smoothly crossfaded by mod wheel, the ensemble size can be zoomed from solo to 12 players, and two mic positions (close and room) can be chosen or blended. All of this adds up to incredible sonic control.
MUSIC TECH INOVATION "A highly flexible library of riffs that could be used to add extra realism to your main string sounds.. Awarded the MUSIC TECH INNOVATION AWARD"  – MUSIC TECH magazine, UK.
"With a practical range of expressive cello phrases that capture the intensity of a live performance, Spiritoso closes a gap in traditional orchestral libraries. The collection is surprisingly versatile." - BEAT magazine, Germany.
"Zero-G has provided an extremely useful tool for a relatively low price"  
A great tool in itself, Spiritoso also works incredibly well blended with other premium orchestral sample libraries as a way of introducing a new layer of realism into your scores.
A total of six months combined work by an expert team of audio editors, scripters and GUI designers, with many genuine innovations emerging in the process and eventually having successfully met the initial goals and more, Spiritoso is ready to be enjoyed by the world's most demanding producers and composers.

Phaedra (powered by Kontakt Player 2 interface)

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NEW PRICE - now even better value than ever!
 is a ZERO-G/XFONIC Kontakt Player 2 virtual instrument featuring over 4 gigabytes of sounds, 20,000 samples and 720 patches.  Produced by Sam Spacey who also produced our award-winning EPICA virtual synth. Unhappy with the lack of raw sonic power in virtual emulations of VSTi analog synths, Sam Spacey set out on a three year journey to make the ultimate synth and ended up creating a monster in PHAEDRA. Constructed with the same attention to detail as a huge orchestral sample library, each of the 20,000 samples has been edited and looped by hand, with loops being very long so as to extract that lovely random analog magic. Nearly every single preset has each separate note sampled so as to eliminate aliasing within the instrument's range. With Kontakt 2's engine being fully exploited we have produced a library that is a full synthesizer in its own right.
 FIVE STAR AWARD"Huge sonic palette.. excellent material.. instantly inspiring.. bags of flexibility.. an excellent collection of sampled analogue sounds.. would suit almost any style of electronic music.. Excellent value for money.. Rated: FIVE STARS out of 5" - SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK. 

ANIMATO String & Flute FX for Cinema (Kontakt instruments, WAV)

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Zero-G and Xfonic present ANIMATO String & Flute FX for Cinema - 4.5Gb of 24bit cinematic audio inspiration! Animato contains 3000 samples and 139 separate Kontakt instruments each with its own custom GUI created especially for this project. Featuring world-class instrumentalists from the renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Animato is a uniquely realistic, expressive and playable Orchestral Effects library. With a wide sonic range from chaotic, tense effects to beautiful undulating pads. Distant pianissimo sirens can shift seamlessly to fortissimo ungodly screeches all at the simple command of your Mod Wheel. The 20th century saw the extreme sonic possibilities and expressive potential of classical instruments gradually become standard compositional tools of pioneering concert and film composers. Now at last, many of the best and most exciting possibilities are presented here in an easy to control format utilising the massive sonic capabilities of Kontakt enabling you to change microphone positions or ensemble size at the turn of a knob.

MUSIC TECH INOVATION"A unique collection of terrifying, beautiful and tension-inducing orchestral sounds... The audio quality is outstanding and many of the patches have an instant Hollywood sound... One of the most evocative cinematic tools we've come across... Rated 9 out of 10. Awarded the Music Tech INNOVATION AWARD" - Music Tech magazine (UK).

"Zero-G deliver the goods again.. the standards of production and playing are absolutely first rate.. a seriously versatile collection.. Excellent. Rated 9 out of 10." - Future Music magazine (UK).

PRO PACK (Apple Loops Compilation)

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This is one of the world's largest professional APPLE LOOP libraries. OVER 11,000 LOOPS! "Pro Pack" has to be the First Choice library of loops for users of Logic, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand and Soundtrack.
This library scores 10/10 in all four of the key areas: MASSIVE SIZE, PROFESSIONAL levels of QUALITY and USABILITY, AMAZINGLY DIVERSE and VARIED CONTENT, and UNBELIEVABLE PRICE.
A huge injection of new loops and sounds. A massive rush of inspiration.
Open up whole new vistas on your musical creativity with this enormous collection. With overwhelming variety and diversity in style, this absolutely massive library is guaranteed to provide exciting new ideas for enhancing your next hit record, commercial soundtrack or dancefloor groove.
"Pretty much all of this release is of excellent quality... This has to be one of the most comprehensive collections ever released and when you consider the price, it's an absolute steal... Snap this up without hesitation... Our advice? Buy this now. Awarded the PLATINUM AWARD" (FUTURE MUSIC magazine, UK).
"Includes some of the best-played, best-recorded samples I've heard. Every loop in Pro Pack is a pro-quality performance... simply wonderful for foundation tracks, arranging, and idea generation..." (MACJAMS.COM WEBSITE).

Creative Essentials For REASON (Reason Refills)

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Quite simply, the ULTIMATE Reason ReFill package. The mother of them all! Over 7 Gb, over 9000 samples. Our award winning Creative Essentials Series of 31 CD volumes have been expertly converted into ReFill format to take full advantage of the incredible power and flexibility of Propellerheads REASON software. This highly acclaimed sample library, originally two years in the making, is surely the largest single title available in ReFill format today - yes there really are over 7 Gigabytes of quality inspiration packed into refills in this enormous package! No wonder COMPUTER MUSIC magazine rated it 5 out of 5 and described it as "STAGGERINGLY GOOD VALUE" in their special "Reason" issue. SOUND ON SOUND magazine also awarded it top honours with FIVE STARS out of 5. And now for the first time, it's also available by download. Read on to find out why Computer Music mag also said "you'd struggle to find a better way to enhance the Reason experience".


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