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KONTAKT Sound Designer Collection (includes Rise Designer, Whoosh Designer and Impact Designer)

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KONTAKT Sound Designer Collection (includes Rise Designer, Whoosh Designer and Impact Designer)
Price $189.00

Note: You are viewing the download version of this title. Most of our products are also available as a boxed physical product on DVD or CD-ROM, usually with identical content to the download version. However, the physical CD/DVD version can only be purchased from our CD/DVD distributors. To find the Zero-G distributor in your country and link to their website to check availability, CLICK HERE for more info on distributors.
Combination of 3 effects creation libraries in one bundle.
Please note: you will need the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher to use this title. It will not work with NI's free "Kontakt 5 Player".
All three SFX creators for one unbeatable price with this exclusive bundle.

If you are looking for the best cinematic sounds, Zero-G has it all. This is another powerful combination bundle of three highly acclaimed sample libraries for film composers. Universally praised by the reviewers and users alike, this trio will inspire you! YOU'LL MAKE A HUGE SAVING compared to buying these three titles individually. For full information and demos on each of the three included titles, see their individual product pages here in the Download Shop by clicking each of the links highlighted in blue text below:

Rise Designer Cinematic Build Creator starts with the best rise sounds you will ever hear then makes your life very easy by putting them in sync with your projects, adding endless variety and making them very easy to control.

Included are over 90 presets themed in sections such as Clean, Dark, Vast, Distorted, Dead Stops and Falls. Added to this is a GUI which allows for total sonic manipulation and lets you mix and match different sounds, change their volumes, randomize the sounds, change the length of the rise, the pitch, EQ, the envelope shapes, filters and send effects (delay and reverb) to make the aural possibilities truly infinite.


  • 320MB of sounds on DVD (or download)
  • 150 samples (.ncw files) in total
  • 90 Kontakt 5 Instruments with custom Graphic Interface  

Impact Designer Cinematic Slam Creator
  Impact Designer is a stunning, futuristic mega-slam SFX creation machine with extremely high quality impact sounds built from live environmental recordings. These were then processed with customised software by Italian Professor of Sound Design, Alessandro Camnasio whose trailer credits include Transformers: Age of Extinction, Captain America - The First Avenger and THOR.


  • 507MB of sounds on DVD (or download)
  • 456 samples (.ncw files) in total
  • 91 Kontakt 5 Instruments with custom Graphic Interface
  • 15 million possible variations to create unique sonic impacts


Whoosh Designer Cinematic Speed Creator WHOOSH DESIGNER makes the best whoosh noises you will ever hear! Whooshes are short noise sounds that give an instant rush of movement, excitement, anticipation and release. Placed around an impact sound they add massive size and power. Placed under a drum fill they add an almighty rush and a powerful transition from one section to another.


  • 740MB of sounds on DVD (or download)
  • 768 samples (.ncw files) in total
  • 165 Kontakt 5 Instruments* with custom Graphic Interface
  • Many millions of possible variations to create unique sonic impacts


To buy all three titles together at the low bundle price, click the ADD TO BASKET button on this page.

Downloading the bundle:

These libraries have each been compressed to segmented .RAR format for the download. For each library, you will download a set of separate RAR files. After downloading all of the RAR files, put them all together inside one folder, then double click the first file ("...Part1.rar") of one of the sets of RAR files and all of the RAR files in that set will expand automatically to produce a new folder containing all samples / all formats of that library. Then do the same for the next set of RAR files. Then expand the third library in the same way.

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