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EPICA (Virtual instrument powered by Kontakt interface)

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EPICA is the latest virtual synth from Zero-G, produced by Sam Spacey who also produced our highly acclaimed PHAEDRA synth.

"EPICA absolutely shines, shimmering and beautiful, inspiring at almost every turn. Rated: 10/10 and awarded the Editor's Choice Award" (Music Tech magazine, UK).

"Highly recommended. FIVE STARS out of five" (Sound On Sound mag, UK).

EPICA comes with a stunning interface powered by the latest Native Instruments Kontakt software that gives the user amazing sound-shaping capability. You only need the FREE Kontakt 5 Player to use EPICA, but it is of course also fully usable with the full version of Kontakt 5.
Over 17,000 24bit samples have been hand-edited, looped and multi-layered to produce an unsurpassed richness and authenticity of sound that will have your audience gasping in appreciation.
Epica comes with over 600 patches of pads, leads, basses, sequences and fx and of course it has the sound-shaping capabilities for you to create much more. We really believe this is the best sounding virtual instrument we have yet created.
Epica's samples have all been recorded through an equipment chain of 100% boutique hardware with no plug-ins used in the creation of the source sounds. We wanted to create a library that offered a fresh palette of sounds which were rich in timbre and had their own character so that would set your music apart from the masses.
The User Interface was designed to give you full control over a huge amount of sonic sculpting options without slowing down the creative process. It is both quick and simple to use but devastatingly powerful when you want to create your own presets… which you will find yourself doing within seconds. Most virtual synths have lots of gimmicks but need a lot of work to make them fit into a mix and often sound weak and artificial. EPICA however, sounds great straight out of the box. There’s no need to reach for that EQ, compressor, or other plug-in, EPICA just sounds so good on its own!

Phaedra (powered by Kontakt Player 2 interface)

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NEW PRICE - now even better value than ever!
 is a ZERO-G/XFONIC Kontakt Player 2 virtual instrument featuring over 4 gigabytes of sounds, 20,000 samples and 720 patches.  Produced by Sam Spacey who also produced our award-winning EPICA virtual synth. Unhappy with the lack of raw sonic power in virtual emulations of VSTi analog synths, Sam Spacey set out on a three year journey to make the ultimate synth and ended up creating a monster in PHAEDRA. Constructed with the same attention to detail as a huge orchestral sample library, each of the 20,000 samples has been edited and looped by hand, with loops being very long so as to extract that lovely random analog magic. Nearly every single preset has each separate note sampled so as to eliminate aliasing within the instrument's range. With Kontakt 2's engine being fully exploited we have produced a library that is a full synthesizer in its own right.
 FIVE STAR AWARD"Huge sonic palette.. excellent material.. instantly inspiring.. bags of flexibility.. an excellent collection of sampled analogue sounds.. would suit almost any style of electronic music.. Excellent value for money.. Rated: FIVE STARS out of 5" - SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK. 


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