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Nostalgia (WAV, KONTAKT, EXS24, Reason NN-XT)

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NOSTALGIA is one of our most popular and successful sample libraries. It features around 1.3 gigabytes of WAV sounds (over 4500 samples) from four decades of electronic instruments, and more than 1,100 accompanying instrument patches for KONTAKT, EXS24 or Reason NN-XT.

FIVE STAR AWARD"Truly wonderful sounds!... Nostalgia is excellent. Zero-G and Steve Howell should be congratulated for putting together such a large number of 'classic' sounds in a single, very affordable library. I had no problems creating complete instrumental pieces using just the sounds within Nostalgia. What's more, [the Kontakt patches] make very good use of processing options to add further colour and movement to many of the sounds.. What is here sounds consistently good, the samples are well programmed.. If you like the sounds of classic synths and drum machines, but could never afford to buy even a modest selection of the electronic instruments represented here, this library is an excellent way to get a flavour of the sounds without breaking the bank. For sheer fun and 'bang for buck', Nostalgia is certainly worth FIVE STARS, and I'd probably give it more if I could! Rated: 5 STARS out of 5"
- SOUND ON SOUND magazine, UK

Instruments are organised into the following categories::
US Classics, Euro Classics, Japanese Classics, Playback Keyboards, Organs, Electro-Mechanicals, Digital ROMpler Synths, Vintage Samplers, Cheap n Cheezy, Obscure Synths, Drum Synths, Classic Beatboxes, Obscure Beatboxes, Sci-Fi, Atmosferics, String Synths, and Basses.
Programming wizard and all-round synth enthusiast STEVE HOWELL has used his 30+ years of experience and knowledge of these various instruments to create arguably the best and most accurate representations of some of the world’s greatest synths, keyboards and beat boxes that he has either owned or used in a professional capacity as either a sound designer, sound engineer, player or composer. Steve has also used his 16+ years of developing professional sample sound libraries to provide highly optimised and memory-efficient, seamlessly looped samples of a heritage of instruments that have paved the way for where we are today - over 40 years of innovation and (often naive) pioneering spirit encapsulated in one definitive collection of abject ‘NOSTALGIA’!
Note: Use of the included Kontakt .nki instrument patches requires a FULL version of Kontakt. If you only have the free "Kontakt Player" you will only be able to load them in a 'demo mode'.

PRO PACK (Apple Loops Compilation)

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This is one of the world's largest professional APPLE LOOP libraries. OVER 11,000 LOOPS! "Pro Pack" has to be the First Choice library of loops for users of Logic, Final Cut Pro, GarageBand and Soundtrack.
This library scores 10/10 in all four of the key areas: MASSIVE SIZE, PROFESSIONAL levels of QUALITY and USABILITY, AMAZINGLY DIVERSE and VARIED CONTENT, and UNBELIEVABLE PRICE.
A huge injection of new loops and sounds. A massive rush of inspiration.
Open up whole new vistas on your musical creativity with this enormous collection. With overwhelming variety and diversity in style, this absolutely massive library is guaranteed to provide exciting new ideas for enhancing your next hit record, commercial soundtrack or dancefloor groove.
"Pretty much all of this release is of excellent quality... This has to be one of the most comprehensive collections ever released and when you consider the price, it's an absolute steal... Snap this up without hesitation... Our advice? Buy this now. Awarded the PLATINUM AWARD" (FUTURE MUSIC magazine, UK).
"Includes some of the best-played, best-recorded samples I've heard. Every loop in Pro Pack is a pro-quality performance... simply wonderful for foundation tracks, arranging, and idea generation..." (MACJAMS.COM WEBSITE).

Creative Essentials For REASON (Reason Refills)

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Quite simply, the ULTIMATE Reason ReFill package. The mother of them all! Over 7 Gb, over 9000 samples. Our award winning Creative Essentials Series of 31 CD volumes have been expertly converted into ReFill format to take full advantage of the incredible power and flexibility of Propellerheads REASON software. This highly acclaimed sample library, originally two years in the making, is surely the largest single title available in ReFill format today - yes there really are over 7 Gigabytes of quality inspiration packed into refills in this enormous package! No wonder COMPUTER MUSIC magazine rated it 5 out of 5 and described it as "STAGGERINGLY GOOD VALUE" in their special "Reason" issue. SOUND ON SOUND magazine also awarded it top honours with FIVE STARS out of 5. And now for the first time, it's also available by download. Read on to find out why Computer Music mag also said "you'd struggle to find a better way to enhance the Reason experience".


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