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Buying & downloading your products - help and information

Getting Started:
Please select the product type you're interested in from the side menu (the menu visible on the left side of most pages of the site).
To buy product(s), select the "add to cart" button underneath your chosen product(s). When you're ready to purchase and download all your products, click on the "checkout" button on the top right of the page.

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We accept credit card payments via PayPal. By accepting credit card payments through the PayPal system we ensure that your information is always 100% safe and secure. PayPal's extremely high level of encryption and secure technology is one the very best and most respected services available on the internet, which is why it is currently being used by over 100 million customers worldwide. If you don't have a PayPal account when you checkout your shopping cart, you can still pay by credit card. You can pay safely and securely via your preferred credit card regardless of where you are in the world, and regardless of what currency your credit card account normally uses. If you do happen to have a PayPal account (most people do these days), you will be invited to pay direct through your PayPal log-in account.

Can I pay in Euro, or GB Pounds, or other currency?
All prices are displayed in US Dollars, but the equivalent amount in your currency will be charged to your credit card via PayPal (determined by the current exchange rate). To get a quick and fairly accurate idea of how much your purchase will cost in a different currency, click HERE for a quick and simple currency converter. Please note that EU customers will have VAT added to their order total (VAT is charged at the local percentage rate that is normally charged in the customer's home country).

How do I pay by credit card if I don't have a PayPal account?
No problem! Just click on the "Check out with PayPal" button when you go to our checkout page, and in the next step you will be able to choose to pay by credit card WITHOUT opening a PayPal account.

I don't have an account with PayPal and the PayPal website won't accept my credit card - what can I do?
If you know there is not any problem with your credit card account, but the PayPal website is not accepting your card when you go through our checkout, this may be because PayPal does not always accept credit card payments from certain countries when you don't have a PayPal account (for example, payments from Thailand). If you are not able to pay with your credit card though PayPal (for whatever reason) please send us an email to explaining what has happened and we will either process your credit card payment manually or if you prefer we can email you an invoice which you can pay by credit card through Google Checkout instead.

How do I download my CDs or Download Packs?
After you have passed through the checkout and made your payment via PayPal, you will be given a unique download password and you will be directed to a special download page. You will also receive an email containing the password and the link to the download page. You will be able to access your download page for SIX MONTHS from the time you made your purchase, but you will only be allowed 5 (five) download attempts for each file.

Before you download your file(s) you need to read and approve our License Agreement which includes Frequently Asked Questions about licensing and usage.
The files may be anything between 10 and 1000 Mb in size, so the download can take from a few minutes to several hours depending on your connection speed. If you have download problems, see advice below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems.

Please make sure to purchase the correct format for your needs. REX files, for example, are only suitable for software that can read the REX file format: for example Reason, Stylus RMX, Logic, Sonar 5, Cubase, etc. REX files are not suitable for use with software like ACID or GarageBand.

Downloading large files:
When downloading a large file from the Internet, it can occasionally happen that the download does not complete successfully. There are many reasons for such a failure. Some web browsers have problems downloading large files. Or it can be anything from static on a telephone/broadband line to intermittent problems on the internet during the download. It only takes a fraction of a second to damage or freeze the download. The best thing to try first is always to download the file again:- if your download aborts prematurely, clear the cache of your browser and also delete the incomplete downloaded file from your hard disk. Restart the browser and retry the download. Also, if you have any anti-virus software running on your computer, try disabling it, as that has been known to cause problems with the download buttons not working.
If you still have a problem, you could perhaps try choosing a different time of day, because problems on the Internet tend to be intermittent and localized to particular regions of the Net itself.  While the download is in progress, if possible don't use the computer for any other purpose, because another application demanding too big a share of your processor's time might also result in a corrupted file or interrupted download. 

If you downloaded the file, but then when you try to unzip it you get a message saying the file is not in the right format, this may still mean that the file is damaged and it is worth trying to download it again. In fact, if your download is corrupted, the most likely problem is that your download failed to complete or was truncated for some reason.

If you have tried everything above, and followed the troubleshooting tips below, and are still unable to download your file(s) email us at

Thank you for visiting the new Zero-G Downloads Shop. More download titles are being added all the time so check back here soon.

To go to the main Zero-G Physical Products Site homepage, click HERE.

FAQs and Further Help:

My hard drive crashed and I lost all the products I purchased from you - what can I do?
You have six months after purchase to go back and access your downloads on our site, but if you lose your data after this time, please contact us to make special arrangements. If the six months have not yet expired, you can just log in to re-download your purchases within this period - you can access your non-expired downloads from the 'My Account' link at the top of any page. Simply log in, then click 'Order History' to reach your download page. You can also refer to your original confirmation email which also contained links to access your files. You are allowed a total of 5 attempts per item, to allow for problems or lost internet connection etc - if you need more than this due to technical problems, please contact us and explain the problem and we'll provide more download attempts if appropriate. Please note that we cannot be responsible for you losing downloads - it is your responsibility to back up all your important data, including all your Zero-G purchases!

In what format will my samples be downloaded?
Zero-G products are download either as ZIP files (.zip) or as RAR files (.rar). A zip or rar file is a compressed archive containing part or all the files contained within the sample pack (for example WAV, REX, Kontakt etc). Also included inside the zip or rar file is the Zero-G End User License Agreement (which you must read before using the product) and often you will find a PDF included of the booklet that accompanied the physical CD version of that title, and one or more mp3 demo songs.

I successfully downloaded my purchased product as a zip or rar file (or multiple zip or rar files) - how do I expand the zip or rar file(s) to get the sample library?

To expand ZIP files: PC users - we suggest you use a program such as Winzip ( to extract your files from the .zip file that you have downloaded (Note: some users who experience a problem opening our files with Winrar find that Winzip works fine).
Mac Users - use either the built-in OSX utility (by simply double-clicking on the zip file) or if that ever produces an error, please use the popular Mac utility Stuffit Expander (available free to download - Click HERE to get it). If you still have a problem opening the zip file, try using the excellent "The Unarchiver" available HERE.

To expand RAR files: Important: After downloading all of the RAR files for your product, put them all together inside one folder on your hard drive. Then:
PC users - we suggest you use a program such as Winrar ( or Stuffit Expander ( to extract your files from the .rar file(s) that you have downloaded. If there are a series of RAR files, just double click the first file and all the files in the series will be expanded automatically in a single operation.
Mac Users - we suggest you use a program such as RAR Expander ( to extract your files from the .rar file(s) that you have downloaded. If there are a series of RAR files, just double click the first file and all the files in the series will be expanded automatically in a single operation. If you have a problem opening the rar file(s), try using the excellent "The Unarchiver" available HERE.

I have purchased a Zero-G product for download this morning. I downloaded all the RAR (.rar) files and unpacked the first one ("...Part01") without problem, but the remaining ones have not opened properly. When I try to open the second RAR file, for example, I keep getting an error message saying the archive is damaged. How should I fix this?
Please could you take another look at the instructions we sent you for opening the RAR files. It's crucial to read and follow the instructions in your receipt email very carefully because the RAR files you downloaded are not the "individual" type of RAR files that you open one at a time - that won't work! They are "segmented" RAR files. That means you have to download *all* (the complete set) of RAR files for a particular product, and put them all together in the same folder somewhere on your hard drive, and then ONLY ever try to open the FIRST file (…Part01.rar) and leave the others well alone, because the others are just "slave" files to the first part. The utility that you use to open the files (Stuffit Expander or whatever) will open the first part/segment (…Part01.rar) and then *automatically* try to find the second segment and open that automatically, and then the third and so on, until all the files in the set have been opened automatically. It all happens in one single operation that will take some time, after which you are left with one new folder that contains the whole expanded library, all ready to use.

If you have any problems, contact customer support by email to:
For general information about zip files, visit:
For general information about rar files, visit:

If you are having any problems downloading your products, please read the advice below, and the advice above about "Downloading Large Files". If this doesn't solve the problem, contact our customer support by by email to:
When contacting us please remember to provide the following information:
- what computer are you using - PC or Mac?
- which web browser are you using eg. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Opera, etc?
- do you have any firewall or internet security software installed?
Our aim is to try to fix your problems within a few hours during normal working hours (Mon-Fri 9am—5pm UK time). We'll try to come back to you as fast as we can, however. Download attempts limits and expiry times can be reset by us if there is good reason. If we cannot fix your problem we'll do our best to get the product(s) to you as quickly as possible by some other method.

More Troubleshooting Tips:
1. If you are using any Download Accelerator software, turn it off, as it can use up all your allowed download attempts!
2. Temporarily disable any firewall or internet security software, because it's possible that they are blocking the script that initiates the download. If you think you may be behind a firewall at your workplace, try from a different location or contact your network administrator or tech support people.
3. Left-click the download link, before you try right-click 'save-as', because our download links are controlled by a script that initiates the download.
4. If your download link doesn't work at all, it could possibly be a problem at Zero-G so please contact us by email at: (it's just possible that there's an incorrectly named or missing file on our webserver - human errors do occur so please contact us right away).
5. Mac users: Please avoid using the browser Internet Explorer when you download your files as it is not compatible with our system when used on a Mac. Mac users should use one of the other excellent browsers such as Safari, Firefox or Opera.
6. If your download is very slow, much slower than you normally experience, try turning off the power to your broadband modem and turning on again, and then do the same with your router if you have one.