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EPICA (Virtual instrument powered by Kontakt interface)

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Epica's graphic interface
EPICA (Virtual instrument powered by Kontakt interface)
Price $130.99

Note: You are viewing the download version of this title. Most of our products are also available as a boxed physical product on DVD or CD-ROM, usually with identical content to the download version. However, the physical CD/DVD version can only be purchased from our CD/DVD distributors. To find the Zero-G distributor in your country and link to their website to check availability, CLICK HERE for more info on distributors.
EPICA is the latest virtual synth from Zero-G, produced by Sam Spacey who also produced our highly acclaimed PHAEDRA synth.

"EPICA absolutely shines, shimmering and beautiful, inspiring at almost every turn. Rated: 10/10 and awarded the Editor's Choice Award" (Music Tech magazine, UK).
Click HERE to see the full review on the Music Tech website.

"Highly recommended. FIVE STARS out of five" (Sound On Sound magazine, UK).
Click HERE to read the review from Sound On Sound.

EPICA comes with a stunning interface powered by the latest Native Instruments Kontakt software that gives the user amazing sound-shaping capability. You only need the FREE Kontakt 5 Player to use EPICA, but it is of course also fully usable with the full version of Kontakt 5.

Over 17,000 24bit samples have been hand-edited, looped and multi-layered to produce an unsurpassed richness and authenticity of sound that will have your audience gasping in appreciation.

"An excellent, very well thought out and powerful instrument with a huge range of possibilities… there are so many great sounds here… enough to guarantee you'll be using it for years to come. Highly recommended. Rated: 9/10" (Future Music magazine, UK - read the full review HERE)

"It's the sound that really counts, and on that front Epica is a blast - versatile basses, pads, FX and much more… the presentation and quality carry it off. Rated: 9/10" (Computer Music magazine, UK)

"Epica is a purist sample library. Zero-G has successfully captured the vitality and expressiveness of classic analog. The many inspiring expressive sounds have an extra dose of vintage charm, that is so often missing from modern synthesizers. Kudos also for the intuitive user interface of the virtual instrument." (BEAT magazine, Germany).

EPICA comes with over 600 patches of pads, leads, basses, sequences and fx and of course it has the sound-shaping capabilities for you to create much more. We really believe this is the best sounding virtual instrument we have yet created. 

EPICA's samples have all been recorded through an equipment chain of 100% boutique hardware with no plug-ins used in the creation of the source sounds. We wanted to create a library that offered a fresh palette of sounds which were rich in timbre and had their own character, so that it would set your music apart from the masses.

The User Interface was designed to give you full control over a huge amount of sonic sculpting options without slowing down the creative process. It is both quick and simple to use but devastatingly powerful when you want to create your own presets… which you will find yourself doing within seconds. 

Most virtual synths have lots of gimmicks but need a lot of work to make them fit into a mix and often sound weak and artificial. EPICA however, sounds great straight out of the box. There’s no need to reach for that EQ, compressor, or other plug-in, EPICA just sounds so good on its own! 

Epica Music Demo 1 (mp3)   Demo 2   Demo 3   Demo 4  
        Demo 5   Demo 6   Demo 7   Demo 8

EPICA Music Demos on Soundcloud:

Epica Presets Pads Demo 1 (mp3)   Demo 2   Demo 3   Demo 4   Demo 5   
        Demo 6   Demo 7   Demo 8   Demo 9   Demo 10   
        Demo 11   Demo 12   Demo 13   Demo 14

EPICA Presets Demos on Soundcloud:

Delve deeper into EPICA with this walk-through video tutorial by producer SAM SPACEY:

Epica Music Demos video:

Epica Presets Demos video 1:

Epica Presets Demos video 2:

For even more detailed info on using EPICA, click HERE for the EPICA User Manual (PDF)  

Our European distributor Time+Space have also produced this video with further details of EPICA:

EPICA was designed to be quick and easy to design and shape your sounds without limiting creativity. Whilst it comes with 600 presets, the custom interface screams at you to design your own sounds. 
EPICA was originally going to be an EPIC String and Pad library aimed at Film, TV and Game Composers but very quickly evolved into a beautiful library that would benefit any music creation. The sound of EPICA is rich, full and 'Real', and its presets just fit into your projects ready to go.

All samples were hand looped and, with Kontakt key mapping never stretching a sample more than one note from its root, they sound as real as the instruments they came from. In fact all of the non-looped samples are mapped to every key for 6 octaves with a large amount of them 3 to 4 x Round Robins on every key. 

Click HERE for an interview with Epica producer Sam Spacey on the making this amazing new virtual synth.

Software Requirements:- 
A full version of Kontakt is NOT required. You only need the FREE Kontakt 5 Player to use EPICA, but it is also compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5. The FREE Kontakt 5 Player can be downloaded HERE.

System Requirements:- 
Windows 7 or Windows 8 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2
Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)

Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 (latest update), Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4
GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces & Standards: 
• Stand-alone
• Audio Units
• RTAS (Pro Tools 9 + 10)
• CoreAudio
• AAX Native (Pro Tools 10)
• 64-bit AAX plugins (Pro Tools 11)
NOTE: This is a large library to download. It has been compressed to segmented .RAR format for the download. After purchase you will download 18 separate rar files, each 500MB in size, except part 18 which is 172MB. After downloading all 18 files, and placing them all together inside one folder somewhere on your hard drive, double click only the first file and this will cause the entire library to expand automatically to produce one folder containing the whole product.

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